About Us

      Our company was established more than 30 years ago. Now Acrozz is recognized as the leading and fast-growing logistics company spanning its services all over the world. We are focused on providing our valued customers with the exceptional transportation service and meeting their special needs and requirements.

      Acrozz is centered on the two main sectors to deliver customized supply chain solutions – transportation and logistics. Our operational global presence and thousands of highly trained and certified team members allow us to provide all-around transportation solutions and value-added services to a variety of companies from start-ups to large corporations.

      Every year many companies increasingly turn to Acrozz to transport thousands of tons of cargo, and we make sure they are shipped on time and cost-efficiently! Our company has a team of professionals with a thoroughly checked background, who know how to implement innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies with our customers' interests in mind. They are dedicated to delivering 5-star services in any business sector, be it hospitality, medical, educational, fashion, automotive, retail, oil and energy industry... the list is endless. So, regardless of the type of transportation, our main goal is to ensure the safety of your cargo during transportation and minimize all possible risks.

      • Our Mission

        Our mission is to ensure global expertise in logistics and transportation management, offering clients the highest quality services with improved visibility and actionable data across all modes, while delivering better platforms for capturing and supporting a supply chain competitive advantage.

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        Our Values

        Acrozz Logistics caters the needs of our shareholders, customers and employees and is strongly committed to our core values: - Acrozz will operate all aspects of our business and care for all transactions with the maximum attention to safety and security, and to the protection of health and the environment. - Acrozz is customer-oriented and is looking to create value for our clients through the delivery of high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective services. - Acrozz strives to support our environment and aims at continued growth and effectiveness to maximize customer and partner value. - Acrozz is committed to working in a friendly and supportive environment which empowers our employees for constant education and training, reach open communication, career, and personal growth. - Acrozz runs its business with integrity in accordance with the law and demands the professional and liable services from all the staff.

      Acrozz in Numbers

      32 years

      Experience in Transportation

      1 000

      Offices and Logistics Facilities

      20 000

      Skilled Drivers in Our Fleet

      2 Billion

      Miles Driven Per Year

      Our Certificates 

      Our Partners

      Acrozz collaborates with a diverse range of business partners to deliver first-grade services and technologies to our customers.

      Leadership Team

      Our management team consists of highly trained and talented individuals with practical experience and industry expertise to fulfill their functions.

      • team member photo

        Jeffrey Wilson

        President and
        Chief Executive Officer

      • team member photo

        Eugene Coupe

        Global Services

      • team member photo

        Daniel Dexter

        Global Products

      • team member

        Richard Dale

        Global Geographies
        and Operations

      • team member

        Benjamin Elmer

        Senior Vice President
        General Counsel and
        Corporate Secretary

      • team member

        Bradley Stone

        Senior Vice President
        Chief Financial Officer

      • team member

        Christopher Fisher

        Senior Vice President
        Chief Strategy Officer

      • team member

        Craig Freeman

        Senior Vice President
        Global Business Operations

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